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Do Insurance Companies Cover Massage Therapy

Health insurance companies in north carolina do not include coverage for therapeutic massage in their traditional health plans at this time. You generally must be a licensed massage therapist in most states to even offer massage therapy services, much less to bill insurance companies for services provided.

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Sometimes insurances will cover massage therapy only if it is provided by a chiropractor, doctor, or physical.

Do insurance companies cover massage therapy. Massage has been proven to work for many and the benefits from receiving massage therapy alone are most promising. If you have a prescription from your doctor, you can probably get health insurance to pay for your massage therapy. A representative can tell you if they do.

You may be able to get insurance benefits if you go to a massage therapist who works. Be sure to discuss rates and payment expectations with your client during your initial phone contact. As a future lmt, i would love to see massage therapy get covered by the health insurance companies.

In many cases, your reason for getting the massage will determine whether or not it’s covered by insurance. Massage therapists are able to bill for massage therapy or manual therapy under specific billing codes. Their liability insurance includes public liability with a choice of £1 to £5 million, professional indemnity , £10 million employer’s liability, and directors and officer’s insurance.

In some cases, insurance will cover massage therapy. Things to consider as you’ve probably already gathered from what was said above: With many people turning to massage therapy as a medical treatment, it seems that health insurance should cover massages.

(6) “massage therapist”, a health care practitioner who provides or offers to provide massage therapy, as provided in sections 324.240 to 324.275, to any person at no cost or for a fee, monetary or otherwise, implying that the massage therapist is trained, experienced and licensed in massage therapy, and who holds a current, valid license to practice massage therapy; We get many calls from people interested in learning whether or not their health insurance covers massage therapy. Do they offer legal protection in the event you should have to appear before a disciplinary board?

The easiest and most effective way to learn if your insurance covers massage therapy is to give them a call. Billing insurance for massage therapy: Markel direct’s massage insurance offers a wide range of insurance cover that can include a variety of liability cover as well as other appropriate covers.

However, not all policies do. Call to verify your insurance coverage for massage therapy. Does the insurance company cover your massage therapy modality?

Here's how to deal with insurance companies so you can expand your client base and increase the profitability of your practice. This may also be true if your massage is helping with rehabilitation. Ask if you have massage therapy coverage that is provided by a licensed massage therapist (lmt).

As massage therapy grows in popularity and gains acceptance in the medical community, more people look for health plans that cover it. What is the upper limit of the company's public and products liability insurance? Call the phone number on the back of your insurance card.

Forms of massage therapy covered by insurance. One of the problems with insurance coverage for massage therapy is that state licensing laws determine whether therapists can bill insurance companies for their services. Go to a massage therapist in a licensed health care office.

Massage is one health care profession that offers many benefits from receiving treatments. After learning about all that massage can do, perhaps you’ve realized there are other issues you could use it for that you didn’t consider before. What to do if you want to get massage therapy under your insurance:* 1.

Does your health insurance cover massage therapy? However, there are some instances where you may be able to receive full reimbursement or partial payment assistance through other forms of insurance. Not all insurance companies cover massage therapy.

It’s not something you can simply decide to do and then immediately implement into your massage practice. Massage covered by insurance has become a growing trend. This article discusses what progress has been made as far as massage therapy insurance reimbursement and if and when sessions may be covered as well as regional health insurance trends, massage therapy insurance in the pacific northwest, massage discounts through health plans, reimbursement from other payers, becoming a preferred.

How do massage therapists find out if their clients have coverage for massage therapy services? As scientific research continues to prove the value of massage therapy, an increasing number of insurance companies now cover massage therapy as an acceptable and billable therapeutic service. However, not all policies do.

In georgia, for example, you must submit to a background check, successfully complete a minimum of 500 hours of course and clinical work and pass the. Contact a representative through the customer service number (usually on the back of your insurance card). If your back massage is considered medically necessary, for example, your insurance may cover some or all of the cost.

Billing a health insurance company for massage therapy is no simple task. If your doctor prescribes massage, a massage therapist can use that prescription to get reimbursed for. There are some important questions to ask your insurance company.

With the exception of hmos and medicare, which generally do not pay for massage therapy, in many other cases benefits are available for massage through insurance if there is a. There are a number of different networks that work with health insurance companies and offer massage therapy as part of their coverage. Some insurance companies give you a choice, usually $5 million or $10 million.

For example, medicare does not cover massage therapy, so you will likely be responsible for 100% of the costs if you seek this treatment. There’s no guarantee that every insurance provider will cover massage therapy, but these tips can help:

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