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How Can I Get A Free Breast Pump Without Insurance

The easiest way to get your free breast pump is through your insurance provider. When choosing a breast pump, you must note a few considerations.

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We work with most major health insurance providers, and can also provide a breast pump through most medicaid plans.

How can i get a free breast pump without insurance. We know how every dollar counts when you’re a new mom, but we also know it can be hard to find the time to work out insurance coverage details. But many women aren’t aware that they can get a free breast pump through their insurance provider. I’m an infant when it comes to the knowledge i have about insurance (guilty!) and i had no idea that i could get a breast pump through insurance, let alone get a free breast pump through insurance until i stumbled upon an ad while listening to the birth hour.

Then, they’ll ship the pump right to your door. Fortunately, due to the affordable care act, you can get a breast pump for free. That’s true—but it depends on what your insurance covers.

On the other hand, there are some exceptions represented by those of you who have signed their healthcare plan before the aca was created (march 23 rd , 2010). Or go fill out aeroflow’s form and see if they can actually get you the breast pump you want for free. Select your preferred breast pump supplier.

If you don’t like calling, most companies accept online applications and can help you via live chat. One way to get a breast pump is to order it online. Depending on the size and busyness of your obgyn’s office, you can ask your doctor if they provide someone in their office to help obtain your free breast pump through insurance.

We’ve put in many hours researching this process so you can learn how to get a free breast pump. Yes, there are ways to get a free breast pump through medicaid without having to pay out of pocket. How to get a free breast pump through insurance with aeroflow breastpumps.

Take these simple steps to find out whether you qualify for a free breast pump through medicaid or any other medical insurance provider: Many women prefer to breastfeed for one reason: On the aeroflow breastpumps website, you just fill out this form, with basic information, like your name, address, birth date, due date, and insurance information.

But the most important ones to note include portability, battery life, power source, and the type or kind of breast pump. You may have heard that you can get a free breast pump through obamacare. It went into effect august 1, 2012.

First, submit the ‘qualify through insurance form’ and provide your insurance information. Below, we will discuss how every mom can get these. Obamacare is a nickname for the affordable care act, the health insurance reform legislation passed by congress and signed into law by president obama in 2010.

This includes lactation services and free breast pumps. New parents have plenty to worry about, that’s why aeroflow breastpumps, a subsidiary of aeroflow healthcare, helps pregnant and nursing moms qualify for a free breast pump through insurance in just 3 simple steps. All the costs will be covered by your insurance company.

That was my first thought! Guidelines for choosing a breast pump will be discussed in detail in a separate article. Visit the lansinoh insurance locator tool.

Call or write to your insurance company to find out what you can get. I breastfed two kids and, in both instances, my breast pump has been invaluable. Aeroflow makes getting a free breast pump through insurance so easy!

The medical supply company will usually take care of contacting your doctor to get the prescription (yes, a prescription is required) and filing it with your insurance, but make sure to ask. The baby is much closer than a bottle. How to get a free breast pump.

I paid for mine out of pocket, but now the affordable care act has mandated insurance companies to cover the full cost of breast pumps and usually at least one visit to a lactation consultant. Depending on your area and insurance plan, you may purchase your pump one of a few ways. Wait, i can get a free breast pump?

However, if you aren’t eligible for certain makes or models, talk to a medical supply company like byram healthcare about how you can upgrade your pump for an additional fee. Unfortunately, some mothers find that their milk is too low when the baby is born, or they have experienced a milk shortage previously. See their website for more details.

Choose and get your breast pump. The major medical supply companies (dmes) most insurance plans work with have online forms you can fill out. Edgepark’s insurance verification is not a guarantee of coverage.

All you need to get started is internet access and your health insurance card.

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