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How To Read Dental Panoramic X-ray

Panoramic radiographs are commonly used images in dental practice. Panoramic imaging • it is a technique for producing a single tomographic image of the facial structures that includes both the maxillary and mandibular dental arches and their supporting structures.

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Sometimes it is even an outright hole or pit.

How to read dental panoramic x-ray. I just purchased the panoura 18s from imageworks and absolutely love it. This is done to ensure the resulting radiograph is proportionally accurate. They depict a large part of the maxillofacial region, including the entire maxilla, mandible and dentition, on a single image.

It captures the full mouth in a single image. Panoramic radiographs allow visualization of regions that cannot be captured, such as the temporomandibular joints, or are difficult to image on. Here you can discover how panoramic radiography works, what to expect from the.

The first step in understanding panoramic anatomy is to appreciate the perspective from which each part of the image is presented. Gordon christensen report showing how the panoura 18s compares. This makes it possible for your dentist to notice any of the following problems:

The black areas are the soft objects such as decay and the nerves and blood.read more. King of prussia dental™ associates is an accredited dental practice. It includes your upper and lower jaws, tmj joints, all your teeth, and your nasal and sinus cavities.

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