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How To Tell If My 1965 Quarter Is Silver

Mark054, mar 27, 2011 #20 + quote reply. As far as i know, only a few of these are known to exist.

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You can also check the edge (the side) of the coin.

How to tell if my 1965 quarter is silver. Silver quarters are shinier and they don’t have any copper […] Hopefully theirs will pass as mine did not. The 1965 silver dime has sold for more than $4,000.;

The american silver war or wartime nickel is one of the most often overlooked pieces of silver available on the. 1965 quarters were the first that were clad. From that date onwards its composition became a copper and nickel core.

It’s actually pretty easy to tell a 1965 silver quarter apart from a 1965 clad quarter simply by using a scale that can measure down to the hundredth of a gram. Pictured alone and with 1964 silver quarter. Dime weighs 2.5 grams total.

How can you tell if a 1966 quarter is silver? I've tried researching but haven't found anything. The 1965 silver quarter sold for a whopping $7,050 at a 2014 auction.;

Washington’s last quarter coinage in 90% silver took place in 1964. “how can i tell if i have a 1965 90% silver quarter because compared to another it looks like half of one 1965 is copper and the other half is nickel and on the other 1965 quarter 1/4 of it is copper and the rest is potentially silver?” let me sta. The period from 1964 to 1971 offered ample opportunity for the production of transitional errors for the dime, quarter dollar, and half dollar.

You can also use the eye test. A washington quarter dated 1964 or earlier has a 90% silver metal content. But it's not a pristine piece.

Silver clad quarters are good too but not as good as the pure silver quarters. A fun way to try this is with a u.s. The only coins minted after 1964 to contain silver are the kennedy half dollars.

It will appear on the front (obverse) of the coin. Keep reading to learn how to identify whether or not you have a silver quarter. Yea, the one i got in change yesterday definitely has that layer.

Any quarter with a date earlier than 1965 will be silver. Minting started on august 1965, and the clad era began with quarter coins. Thus, the year 1965 is significant for it was the year when silver.

While the mintage year is the most important clue, the particular luster of 90% silver will confirm a coin. Also, silver dime would weigh 2.50 grams while a clad would weigh 2.27 grams. But there have been a couple found that were silver, but those are extremely rare errors made on 1964 planchets.

Thanks to all who posted. Ok, my 1965 quarter is not silver, but why is it so different my 1965 quarter which i got in.90 cents change from the local bagel shop sounds different, feels different, and looks as if some silver polish would make it the real deal! If there is no copper layer, chances are the coin is silver.

The simplest method to find out if your quarter is silver is to check the date. 1965 quarters in change are pretty common because they don't have a value greater than face. If anyone finds a silver 1965 quarter in the future, tell them to bend it by hand and rub it on paper.

However, it does not have the pure silver edge. The easiest method is to weigh the coin on a calibrated gram scale. The standard clad quarters weigh 5.67 grams and the 90% silver quarters weigh 6.25 grams.

Quarter (post 1965), which is 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel. Determining if a given quarter is a 90% silver quarter is simple. Here's how to identify a 1965 silver quarter and other rare transitional.

Instead of going through the quarters one by one and looking at the dates, look at the edges of the quarters. In 1965 to 1967, new clad quarters were issued with no mint marks regardless of mint of origin. If you would like a more general article discussing all american silver coins then i have another article available here.

The other one doesn't have that definitive layer. The 1965 quarter coin has 0 silver content. Quarter years that contain silver.

That appears to be the quickest test. Do 1965 quarters contain silver?

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