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Most Toxic Kpop Fandom 2020

Answer 1 of 23. Since Im army I wouldve liked to say ARMY buthow much is that How many fans does BTS have.

What Is The Most Annoying K Pop Fandom And Why Quora

But there are also multiple TV shows songwriters artists YOU KNOW ALL THAT STUFF But from my.

Most toxic kpop fandom 2020. And most of the time thats. People say most toxic fandom is BLINKs. Who is the most toxic kpop fandom 2020.

I get that all fandoms are toxic in their own way but why is BLINKs the MOST. Wow I actually have no idea. I hope you enjoy it—– Sub.

The K-pop fandom is extremely prominent on Twitter and there are some with accounts as old as the platform itself. Honestly I have never met a nice Blink. I support EXO but I just dont love the fandom.

Ines meddeb 9192020. Unlike ARMYs there are SOOOOO many sasaengs. Why You might ask Here is why.

Itachiislife theyre not fighting. Unfortunately or Fortunately I wont say so. By Staff Reporter Apr 02 2020.

They insult other fans. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. This is why we get hate wrote a member of the fanbase.

Most Annoying Kpop Fandoms. Literally from quora D 1364 MILLION ARMYS YALL. Say fake things about other groups.

Its just observations made. Cancel culture a form of online shaming that shuns problematic celebrities andor fans has become ingrained in online culture. Why are the toxic kpop stans so louddd.

Both are toxic in a different way so both but i chose armys. Say fake things about other groups. Blinks are the most toxic fandom.

Reviewing 2020s most hated comebacksdebuts. They insult other fans. There are barely any sasaengs.

ARMY is the name of BTSs fandom and is. And report other fans s accounts. Well I had a lot of stories with blinks and none of them was good.

Recently one netizen posted on an online community a list of donations that ARMY has made in 2020. Were just voting to see who is the most toxic. But how are BLINKs toxic.

They re a nightmare. Blinks are the most toxic fandom 17K 38. I really dont understand why theyre fighting some of these groups are disbanded or in the army tell me why.

They re really terrible. For me its ARMYs. They understand Blackpink very well.

K-pop fandom is deliberately one of the backbones of an idol or groups stardom yet at. Blinks are rlly nice with fandoms except for armys but then armys basically hate Im every group and fandom except moas and txt. Well I had a lot of stories with blinks and none of them was good.

And while some KPop fans chose to apologize on the fandoms behalf claiming we have nothing against Harry at all its embarrassing that this is trending. Swifties Taylor Swift Fandom Generally speaking Taylor Swifts fans arent badthey just really love Swift and tend to be a little over-the-top about it. Im an Army too.

Vanxlla 6252020. Marjorie Taylor Greene for example blamed cancel culture for her removal from government office. However you might be expecting to say that Army ie BTS fandom was the most toxic fandom of 2020 as google says every year.

4Minute and Fx are so far the best female kpop groups outdated. Who has more fans in Kpop. How You Like That.

And report other fans s accounts. And think blackpink are the best. Believe me i am both a Blink and Army.

And think blackpink are the best. BTS fandom ARMY is undoubtedly the biggest fandom in the current K-pop scenario. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE CONTENTThis is in no way made to bash any of the groups.

They re really terrible. Blinks are the most toxic fandom.

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