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Ark Advisors has been advising companies on strategy and fundraising using blockchain and utility and security token sales for over 18 months. Our reputation and position in the market as a leading advisory firm gives us access to the best opportunities to contribute and grow early stage blockchain and related businesses.  

Therefore in January 2018, we launched ARK Syndicates.

We syndicate allocations for friends alongside our own capital in a portfolio of companies raising money, both as utility tokens and the evolving and (we think more exciting) security token format.  We manage these syndicates through SPVs, and charge a fixed management fee. We manage them through SPV’s and either distribute the tokens to the equity holders upon their release to the public or liquidate them - as requested by the investor.  Recent deals include Telegram, Blockchain Terminal (, 22X Fund (500 Startups), Academy, and upcoming Hashgraph, ABL, Menlo One, MetaCert, Good Money and Codex Protocol to name just a few.

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