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What Is An Equitable Remedy Quizlet

Generally courts grant Equitable Remedies to satisfy the claim of an aggrieved party when the Legal Remedy is insufficient or inadequate to fully compensate the victim. What are the two types of remedies available to a prevailing party in a civil lawsuit.

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The market price of the land.

What is an equitable remedy quizlet. There are many Equitable Remedies but some of the common. Overcoming limitation of liability clauses in commercial warehouse storage contracts. Generally what is an equitable remedy.

Specific performance restitution and injunction are the classification of equitable remedies. Examples of equitable remedy are. When a party to a contract breaches the contract the other party is legally entitled to.

What is an Equitable Remedy. Legal remedies are those that allow the non-breaching party to recover compensatory ie money damages. An equitable remedy refers to an action ordered by the court when there is no available money to be given to the breached party in a contract.

What is an equitable remedy quizlet. 1 A legal remedy money damages 2 An equitable remedy such as an injunction specific performance of a contract or restriction of a contract. This is in lieu of imposing a fine.

To bring a claim in equity need a recognisable legal or equitable right FACTS. Legal remedies and equitable remedies. In legal remedies the non-breaching party can recover monetary damages.

Equitable relief is a court-granted remedy that requires a party to act or refrain from performing a particular act in cases where legal remedies are not considered to. It was in equity that the concept of a trust was developed. Remedies in equity that include specific performance injunction ordering a party to refrain from engaging in an activity rescission cancellation of a contractual obligation and reformation.

Equitable relief also referred to as an equitable remedy is a type of court-ordered relief for an aggrieved party that is used when ordinary legal remedies such as awarding damages are considered inadequate justice for the suffering party. Instead of imposing a fine equitable remedy is when the court orders the defendant to complete a contract as originally agreed. Like Legal Remedies Equitable Remedies are also granted in civil cases involving torts or contractual disputes.

LegalMatch provides legal insights in their online law libary to help you with your case. Equity might be described as softening or correcting the common law. When the remedy of specific performance is not possible what is the measure of damages in a case involving the sale of land.

In general remedies are typically divided into two categories. Equitable remedies are judicial remedies developed by courts of equity from about the time of Henry VIII to provide more flexible responses to changing social conditions than was possible in precedent-based common law. Which of the following is an equitable remedy.

Because rescission of a contract is an equitable remedy only the elements of equitable fraud need to be proven by the plaintiff in his effort to avoid a damage limitation clause. Equitable remedies are damages awarded to the plaintiff that involve action on the part of the contract breaching party. Equitable remedies developed in chancery for where common law remedy not sufficient in personam discretionary damages inadequate.

This step is taken when payment alone is not sufficient to make up for damages. – an immaterial breach – an advancement contract – reformation – explanation. By contrast a party may obtain an equitable remedy when a court forces the other party to perform to its part of the contract.

What Is an Equitable Remedy. Classifications of equitable remedy include injunctions and specific performance. Business Law Quiz 3.

Restitution recession injunction specific performance and quasi contract. In general remedies may be legal or equitable. Equity Remedy An equitable remedy is identified as an action or judgment by the court which helps in resolving the breaches.

Since no legal or equitable right had been infringed then no equitable remedy could be granted. Equitable remedies developed in chancery for where common law remedy not sufficient in personam discretionary damages inadequate. Equitable remedies are a particular set of remedies that can be issued by a court during a breach of contract case.

What is an equitable remedy quizlet. Equitable relief can also be offered if legal damages are not available. An equitable lien is an equitable restitutionary remedy used to reimburse the P for a benefit wrongfully held.

C was refused an injunction which sought to restrain his neighbour from calling his house Ashford Lodge which was the name of Cs house. Which of the following is not an equitable remedy.